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Hi everyone,

Over the last few months I’ve put my artistic tools down and put on my strategic hat. After a lot of careful thinking I have decided to re-brand, create a new website (complete with an online store) and focus on creating a picture book.

Back in 2016 I created an illustration featuring a koala and a bear side by side with the caption ‘Koala Bear’ underneath. This has by far been the most talked about and purchased design that I have created to date.

With this, I decided to re brand my business ‘Koala and Bear’ as this name and image speaks volumes for my cute wildlife cartoons.

The brand also needed its own logo in words so I created the above, substituting the O for the koala face and the A for the bear face. I didn’t stop there as I also needed a tag line – after eventually realising that everything I do in life and business is for the love of wildlife it became apparent exactly what the slogan needed to be.

My new website is up at www.koalaandbear.com which features my portfolio of artwork commissioned for organisations and individuals (including the Australian Koala Foundation, Wildlife Queensland and Brisbane City Council’s Green Heart Fair), link to my new online shop (which is currently selling greeting cards featuring koalas and possums), and a work in progress section that will feature updates of my picture book project.

As before, please keep in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as following my updates on my newsletter. And please feel free to reach out to me on info@koalaandbear.com.

Thanks for reading,

Edd Cross
Wildlife Cartoonist

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