Picture Book | Ringo the Ringtail Possum

Ringo the Ringtail Possum cartoon character in a tree catching hearts and stars

Back in 2013 I fully began to realise my cartoon character Ringo the Ringtail Possum. Since arriving in Australia I fell in love with possums visiting gardens and calling the nighttime their playground, that I was addicted to drawing them, and out of this became Ringo.

Ringo has appeared in a couple of mini comics. ‘Ringo and Roobot’ sees Ringo partnering up with a robotic kangaroo and ‘Life on the Line’ showcasing his thoughts as walks on telephone lines,

Ringo has featured on gifts, products and souvenirs over on my Redbubble shop on various designs. Here is a coffee cup featuring him after a good feast on biscuits – he does love a treat!

As well as cheeky biscuit eating, Ringo is a very cute, ponderous little marsupial who likes to investigate, understand and always find the best in a situation.. He loves the bush playground swinging through trees as well as seeing what is happening in suburbia.

Now I am looking to push Ringo into the phase of his life and create a picture book featuring him and his friends. I have already started further character development and test sketches, but I will be blogging more about this next year, so please follow on social media and sign up to my newsletter.

Thanks for reading my page 😊