Koala and Bear T-Shirt – a unique and fun gift!

Koala and Bear Edd Cross Wildlife Cartoonist Testimonial

Shely absolutely adores her Koala Bear T-shirt. She is a massive and am proud to receive the glowing testimonial from her 😊

As Australians we take for granted that we have some of the most unique & cuddliest animals on the planet. Edd’s art captures their personality, cuteness & vulnerability perfectly. He uses his cartoons to teach us the importance of protecting them. I absolutely love Ringo, his ringtail possum & when Edd asked what his new character should be I’d just come back from Rottnest Island off Perth & met the happiest animal in the world, the quokka. Edd totally captured the quokka’s feel & how much joy they exude. I have purchased several of Edd’s products and I’m always getting compliments on my T-shirts and my travel coffee mug. I’d recommend anyone to Edd if they are looking for a unique gift or just want a fun way to express themselves. He does a great job, he creates awesome cute characters and he is an all round lovely kind guy. Big fan, Shely (#Shelythequokka)

Shely, Brisbane


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