Cute Koala and Possum Christmas Greeting Cards

Cure Koala and Possum Christmas Greeting Cards

Now that I’ve seen Brisbane City Council buses driving along with Christmas messages it must be that time of the year already to start thinking about those Christmas lists! And it’s only October….

I like to get my gifts and cards easily, which means in as little time as possible. I also like to make sure they aren’t things that I can get just any where so the recipient knows they are getting something a little bit different and with some thought behind it.

I love to create my stylised designs as I know they will be different from what I see in the shops and images that I want to see, and it gives me so much joy seeing the wildlife characters coming to life in their happy worlds. The best thing is when people see the designs and they give an immediate ‘ahh that’s cute’ reaction. It makes everything worth it as it gives a moment of joy as people share a love for wildlife.

My greeting cards are wildlife friendly – printed on 100% recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks, with no plastic wrapping. Even the envelopes and packaging are recycled too. With so many cards being sold at this time of year I believe this is the best planet friendly choice for your seasonal greeting.

Greeting Cards printed on recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks

I currently have two Christmas cards for sale in my online shop. One featuring two brushtail possums sitting on a telephone line over a city skyline watching Santa flying through the night sky on a full moon. This has been my best selling Christmas image as it just captures an Australian moment so well.

Cute possum Christmas greeting care

The other is an adorable koala bursting through a box full of eucalypt leaves. The gorgeous koala character is favourite and it creates a very happy Christmas impact.

Cute koala Christmas greeting care

To see both these designs at my online store please click here: Koala And Bear Christmas Cards and help support an emerging artist.

I also have a range of other products and designs available at my RedBubble store – Koala And Bear on RedBubble

Or at any time please just reach out to contact me

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